Who We Help

Start-Up Businesses

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Initiating and managing a start-up business is an exciting but daunting task. Most start-up businesses have the vision but may lack the “next step” process. At One Consulting Company our experienced professionals will help you navigate the challenges many start-ups encounter through precise planning, cost saving techniques, identify potential challenges all while keeping your vision intact.

Established Businesses

Shaking Hands

One Consulting Company assist decision-makers in determining “Best Practices” for their company. This is accomplished through business review and assessment, business plan development, financial review, planning, operations, or strategic analysis. Regardless of your business needs, One Consulting Company is here to assist you and elevate your business to the next level.


Painting Eggs

At One Consulting Company we recognize the hard work and commitment that's put into running your organization. We also recognize that Non-Profits have a critical societal role improving the lives of others. At OCC we treat every orgainization the same regardless of size or status.

Public Sector


We work with local and state municipalities, quasi-agencies, government agencies, and the federal government to help solve complex problems, manage and mitigate risk, perform economic development analysis, contracting, procurement and provide ongoing strategy concepts. We avoid costly loopholes and ensure compliance is in tact.