Strategic Development

At One Consulting Company our process begins by engaging your stakeholders, exploring your strategic landscape and formulating your long-range goals. That work is followed by disciplined implementation and evaluation to transform your strategy into tangible results.

In collaboration with you, we employ a variety of strategic frameworks and tailor them to your needs. We help you anticipate disruption and proactively transform so you can expand your market footprint. Together, we move your organization from analytics to action, from insight to implementation and from truth-telling to transformation.

Market & Industry Analysis 

Success in the marketplace comes from understanding the environment in which customers, businesses, economic conditions, and policies interact. Our team provides thorough analyses customized for each client unique requirements—that objectively assess market supply and demand, project feasibility, regional economic conditions, business strategies, and location characteristics.

Organizational Design & Optimization

How a business is structured and operates is a key dimension of successful strategy. Deploying the right core capabilities, optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness and ensuring successful execution are all critical elements of success.

We support clients in a range of scenarios from partial redesign, corporate governance to full organizational transformation. We help clients navigate an integrated set of options, while closely linking organizational choices with business portfolio and strategic positioning options.

Internal & External Diagnosis

Our suite of consulting capabilities allows us to serve our clients in a comprehensive manner. Whether their needs are strategic, organizational or performance based. We provide support from initial conceptualization through the development of practical solutions and mobilization for execution efforts.

OCC combines deep sector expertise, analytical firepower and complementary tools to ensure our clients have actionable and sustainable solutions that create real value.