Small Business Consulting

Businesses tend to develop in stages as they grow.  Each stage requires changes within the businesses structure regarding roles, authority & control, systems, and processes to maintain coordination and movement in the right direction. 


Navigating these changes creates risk and sometimes uncertainty for the organization which can be stressful for the owner(s) and the leadership team.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business - the challenges remain. One Consulting Company will work with you and your business to establish operational, market and financial growth strategies that will elevate your business year over year.

  • Establishing revenue strategies while improving your sales process

  • Operational Development

  • Strategic Implementation

  • Improving product & service quality while strengthening customer relations

  • Expansion

Business Plans

In many instances, the business plan will serve as a key component to building and expanding your business. For those companies that seek bank loans, investors, business partners or vendor lines of credit, the business plan is typically the go-to document requested to aide outside parties in understanding your business model and determining if your company is a proper fit. Here at OCC we can provide the service of writing a business plan for you.

  • An Executive Summary

  • Your Mission and Vision Statements

  • A Company Overview including a description of your product or services

  • A description of your Target Market

  • A Market Analysis and Competitive Plan

  • A Marketing Plan

  • A Operating Plan

  • A Financial Plan, to include a Budget, Revenue and Cash Flow Projections

  • A SWOT Analysis

A Business Plan Should Include:

Business Health Check

A Business Health Check is an effective way to ensure that critical components of your business are functional and up to date with current policy and standard operational procedures. OCC Business Health Checks include a preliminary review of the following:

  • Partnering Agreement(s)

  • Business Plan

  • Business Form / Legal Entity

  • Insurance

  • Business License(s)

  • Employee Payroll

  • Taxes

  • Accounting Systems

  • Banking Practices

  • Budget / Business Liquidity

  • Release of Liability Forms (if applicable)

  • Facility Inspection (if applicable)

Business Coaching

Professional business coaching is often an effective and efficient alternative to helping small business owners get the help they need. Let OCC help set the focus on business optimization and continuous improvement through an effective mentoring program for you and your business. OCC offers professional business and developmental coaching in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Budgeting

  • Leadership 101

  • Optimizing Operations

  • Leveraging IT Solutions

  • Contingency Planning

  • Staff & Team Development

  • Strengthening the Bottom Line