Research & Development


Research and development (R&D) represents a major investment area for any organization that seeks to differentiate itself based upon the features and performance of its products. This would certainly include a wide range of practices within the industries of Education, Bioscience, Pharmaceutical, Computer Software, Manufacturing and Construction.


But many other types of businesses need effective R&D too, including those in such wide-ranging industries like Consumer Products, Aerospace, and even quick service mobile restaurants. These businesses must impress customers with their products, and leading-edge products that’s require them to lean on the disciplines of R&D and its findings.

Feasibility Study

When considering and planning a potential project of market entry, decision-makers need to make the most informed decision to ensure a smooth market entry with risk-reduced investment. OCC can provide the service of developing a feasibility study to help you and your organization determine the viability of your project and collect the details you need to secure your future investment.