Operational Development

One Consulting Company takes a critical approach that goes beyond cutting costs measures. We help you improve operational speed to increase your agility, flexibly, and responsiveness and lower your cost-to-serve approach. Depending on your goals, we can deliver immediate short-term performance improvements, or we can implement long-term cultural transformation where operation initiatives are tied directly to your plans for profitable growth.

From short-term cost-out and cash flow improvements, to broad-reaching performance and business process improvements, to organizational-wide lean transformations. We help you achieve operational excellence that rapidly translate directly into upward measurable results.

Through knowledge transfer and coaching, we help your operational leaders develop the skills they need to lead and maintain change. We install a management system process to connect your operational initiatives to daily execution. And we help you establish maintenance strategies to optimize asset utilization and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), ultimately ensuring the highest levels of safety, quality, delivery and cost.

Supply Chain & Performance Improvement

At OCC, we are seasoned supply chain management professionals capable of enhancing the balance between service levels, working capital, and cost. We combine process rigor with emerging technologies that enable faster, better decision-making capabilities for optimal service levels while improving profits at the lowest possible cost-to-serve. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your supply chain leaders, we implement “what-if” modeling to assess the risks and advantages of strategy shifts and forecast the financial impact of decisions made around cost, service level, and working capital.

Product Development Strategy

The economic attractiveness of new (and existing) products can reveal itself thorough examination of market, channels and customer behaviors; add an understanding of competitive action, cost dynamics and internal capabilities to the mix and you’re looking at untapped opportunities for new product concepts.

We bring a customer- centric lens to the development of new offerings. This is a result of:

  • Understanding customer needs — both met and unmet — from your own product offerings plus those of your competitors in order to identify new opportunities.

  • Uncover new product opportunities within markets, consumer segments and distribution channels.

  • Establish a process for seizing new product opportunities.

  • Explain the business case for developing a new product.

  • Project sales, profits and market penetration under a variety of scenarios.

  • Build go-to-market product launch plans.

  • Identify other ancillary revenue strategies.

  • Retool product and service portfolios, including areas where existing products need to be repositioned or rationalized.

  • Assess the effectiveness of your product development process.

  • Look for opportunities to reduce development time and costs

Pricing Strategy & Revenue Forecasting

With companies facing growing complexity and a multi-channel business environment, companies need to be able to answer fundamental business questions around profitability. Pricing analytics create a mechanism for managing profitability, and helps executives clearly understand the internal and external factors affecting profitability at a granular level.

Accurately predicting consumer demand is one of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today. Fragmented forecasting processes, disparate data systems, and the challenge of reconciling short-term forecasts with longer term planning create barriers to accurate demand forecasting and predictive analytics.

OCC pricing optimization solution integrates pricing strategy and structure into overall business strategy and objectives to help our clients reach their goals efficiently.

Capital Improvement

A capital project often has multiple challenges arise during its lifecycle. From financing and planning, unforeseen expenditures, delayed procurement and lagging fulfillment. At OCC, our experienced consultants will assist in determining the best outcome for your business.